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Ethiopian movie news and article - Asansiro(Dec. 22, 2020, 10:28 p.m.)
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Artist Samson Kebede Picture

Samson Kebede (ሳምሶን ከበደ)
We do not have full information about this artist, Please send us your contribution to ... read all.

Artist Abebe Balcha Picture

Abebe Balcha (አበበ ባልቻ) (Asnake)
Abebe is among Ethiopia’s most talented and most famous actors who played as the major ... read all.

Artist Aziza Ahmed Picture

Aziza Ahmed (አዚዛ አህመድ)
ተወልዳ ያደገችው አዲስ አበባ ነው ወደ ትወና አለም የተቀላቀለችው በአጋጣሚ በጣም በወጣትነቱ ነው። የመጀመርያ ስራዋን ሰርት ከ6ት ዓመት... read all.