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Ethiopian movie news and article - Asansiro(Dec. 22, 2020, 10:28 p.m.)
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Artist Leulseged Kassa Picture

Leulseged Kassa (ልዑልሰገድ ካሳ)
በትወና ዲፕሎማና cocያለው የተቀበረው ተከታታይ ድራማ ላይ በትወና ብሌን አቻዬ እኔና ቤቴ ፊልም ላይ በትወና የተሳተፈ ሲሆን በፕሮዳክሽን... read all.

Artist Melkamu Mamo Picture

Melkamu Mamo (መልካሙ ማሞ)
We do not have full information about this artist, Please send us your contribution to ... read all.

Artist Helina Getachew Picture

Helina Getachew (ህሊና ጌታቸው)
Helina Getachew was born in Addis Ababa. Ever since she was a kid, Helina have had a dr... read all.