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Artist Nebiyu Teshome Picture

Nebiyu Teshome (ነብዩ ተሾመ) (Roma (ሮማ))
We do not have full information about this artist, Please send us your contributions to... read all.

Artist Abby  Lakew Picture

Abby Lakew (አቢ ላቀው)
Born in Gondar, Abby Lakew, is a rising singer/actress who caught the attention of many... read all.

Artist Robel Girma Picture

Robel Girma (ሮቤል ግርማ)
ተወዶል ያደገው ደቡብ ክልል ውስጥ አርባ ምንጭ ከተማ ነው ሁሌም ፊልምባየ ቁጥር ፊልም የመስራት ፍላጎቱ ይጨምር ነበረበፍላጎት ብቻ አልቀረ... read all.