API Change Logs

This page lists significant updates and bug fixes to the EtMDB API. In order to keep track of the changes we recommend you to check the API Changelog page, or follow Twitter (@etmdbapi).

March 6,2018 Filtering for some nodes on the GraphQL and additional Company Node added Twitter (@etmdbapi)
Dec 10,2017 Multiple resource/object insertion implemented. Twitter (@etmdbapi)
July 7,2017 GraphQL API access added Twitter (@etmdbapi)
May 8,2017 Cinema shedule & cineme showtime endpoints added Twitter (@etmdbapi)
February 3,2017 Test done on AOuth 2.0 Authentication Twitter (@etmdbapi)
June 23,2016 All Endpoints functional Twitter (@etmdbapi)

Last update on:March 7, 2018, 8:07 a.m. by EtMDB API Developers