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Artist Yared  Zeleke Picture

Yared Zeleke (ያሬድ ዘለቀ)
The director of the first Ethiopian movie that was selected for the Cannes Film Festiva... read all.

Artist Arsema Worku Picture

Arsema Worku (አርሴማ ወርቁ)
ፊልም መሰራት የቀን ተሌት ህልሟ ነበር ሆሊላንድ የጥበብ ማዕከል ትምህርት ወስዳለች ወዲያው ወደ ጥበቡ እንዳትገባ በተማረችበት ሙያ ማገልገ... read all.

Artist Helen Bedilu Picture

Helen Bedilu (ሄለን በድሉ)
Helen Bedilu is an Ethiopian actress who is best known for her roles as Tsedey, sister ... read all.