Tibatibe (ጢባጢቤ) (Aug. 30, 2015)

99min | Comedy

Abraham, a dancer, trains a group to audition to compete at African Dance Talent. Businesswoman Hera becomes their sponsor, saving them from losing their rehearsal hall. But rival Henok, who is also training a group to compete, tries to get them disqualified. When that fails, he brings Abraham’s estranged fiancée Sara from the Middle East to sabotage the group. Abraham’s dancers, knowing that Sara and Henok are having an affair, refuse to work with her, risking losing Abraham as their trainer. Synopsis: Rebecca Fisseha

Directed by: Kidist Yilma

Actor(s) & Actress(s): Michael Million, Aziza Ahmed, Edelework Tassew

Produced by:

Written by: Kidist Yilma

Age restriction: G (General Audiences)

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