Project Ideas Open Call (የፕሮጀክት ሃሳብ ክፈት ጥሪ)

Calling all Photographers, filmmakers, Fashion Designers, Architects, Visual Artists, Graphics Designers, Animators, Game/App/Software Developers, Video Artist Digital Artist Craftspersons, Sculptors, Printmakers and/or Pottery Makers?

Do you have ideas for a collaborative Arts project?
If so we want to hear from you. For the month of March 2018 Creative Futures programme will be taking over xHub Addis and providing you with space, equipment to produce your collaborative art projects and showcase to the public.

So in preparation of Innovation Month, WE CALL ALL IMAGE SECTOR PRACTITIONERS to submit a collaborative Arts project ideas, ideas of any kind and at any stage of development as long it involves two or more sector within image sector (as listed above).
Please bear in mind that these projects will be further developed and implemented during Innovation Month only and as such keep it simple and doable in one location. When you are thinking about the equipment needed please keep it to equipment available in Ethiopia only.

To submit your completed application form:
Please send email to Or drop it to British Council, Goethe-Institut or iceaddis offices.
Deadline: Thursday 22 February 2018

Source British Council


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