Addis Video Art Festival (አዲስ የቪዲዮ ስነ-ጥበብ ፌስቲቫል)

Addis Video Art Festival (AVAF) intends to provide a platform for innovative video art in Addis Ababa and abroad. The festival Love Triangle በሃሳብ መሃከል will screen throughout the city from December 24- January 3 (ታህሳስ ፩፭-፪፭).


Mohamad El-Hadidi, Mulugeta Gebrekidan, Marie-France Giaraudon, Martha Haile, Edgar Endress, Shahar Marcus and Nazaket Ekici, Helina Metaferia Carolin Koss, Michael MacGarry, Susanne Wawra, Onyinye Alheri, Melke Redeker, Ng'endo Mukli, Eyal Segal, Yacob Bizuneh. Jacob Podbler, Wala & Kush.


  • SUNDAY: Opening Fendika Cultural Center ታህሳስ 15, ከምሽቱ 12 ሰዓት/December 24 6pm.
  • MONDAY: Outdoor electronic billboards screening Bole Edna mall & Biherawi and city malls screenings ታህሳስ 16, ከምሽቱ 1-3 ሰዓት/December 25 7-9pm.
  • TUESDAY: Addis Ababa Museum ታህሳስ 17, ከምሽቱ 12 ሰዓት/December 26 6pm.
  • WEDNESDAY: National Theatre Gallery ታህሳስ 18, ከምሽቱ 12 ሰዓት/December 27 6pm.
  • THURSDAY: Addis Fine Art Gallery ታህሳስ 19, ከምሽቱ 11 ሰዓትl/December 28 5pm.
  • FRIDAY: Alle School of Fine Arts and Design Workshop & informal discussion ታህሳስ 20, ከምሽቱ 12 ሰዓት/December 29 2pm & Emuye Shiro Bet ከምሽቱ 1 ሰዓት/7pm.
  • SATURDAY: Addis Ababa Museum and Outdoor electronic billboards screening @ Bole Edna mall, Biherawi and city malls screenings ታህሳስ 21, ከምሽቱ 12 ሰዓት/December 30 6pm.
  • SUNDAY: British Council ታህሳስ 22, ከምሽቱ 12 ሰዓት/December 31 3pm.
  • MONDAY: Fendika Cultural Center •Special performance by Melaku Belay and Jeroen Visser with screening videos ታህሳስ 23, ከምሽቱ 12 ሰዓት/January 01 6pm.
  • TUESDAY: Addis Fine Art Gallery screening & discussion ታህሳስ 24, ከምሽቱ 12 ሰዓት/January 02 5pm.
  • WEDNESDAY: Closing Jimma Tej Bet ታህሳስ 25, ከምሽቱ 12 ሰዓት/January 03 6pm.


The WOW Art Film & Video Festival Curated by Wilfrid Agricola de Cologne. Spit Tea Place CupSchizo-Feedback. Walk: Justin Hoover and Tra 8ouscaren. TIME is Love.I0 International video art program: Curated by Kisito Assangni. Video Art from Iceland: Curated by Erin Honeycutt. FEMALE:Curated by Veronique Sapin.Vanguard Art Ce Presents: Groupe Intervention Video

About Addis Video Art Festival

Addis Video Art Festival (AVAF) is initiated by a prominent Ethiopian artist Ezra webe based in New york and organized together with his team Kimberli Gant,Mihret kebede,Nico Wheadon,Sarah Workneh that intends to provide a platform for innovative video art in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Abroad. The festival will screen throughout the city in a variety of locations including street corners, rooftops, public centers and art centers. By sharing video art in both conventional and non-conventional settings, the festival will reach both the artist community and the everyday passerby. The festival aims to create a dialogue between local, and international artists by encouraging digital media culture. To know more about the Team.

Source: Addis Video Art Festival (AVAF)
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