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Actress | Executive-Producer

She was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia around shero meda from her mother Rebeka Feyessa and her father Assefa Demelash, and grew up there till the age of 5. In her early age, Assefa moved to a different location which is also called Kera also located in Addis Ababa. She started the Elementary school at Atse Zeray Yacob till she finished her 8th grade then finished her high school at Shemeles Habte, and graduated in 2003 in 1995 Ethiopian calendar. After her high school graduations she started her college carrier at Admas College, now Admas University College, studying Secretarial Science. During her childhood, Assefa loved to dance. She was very shy and very polite person that no one even imagine. She and her 5 friends of started dancing at a mini media center when she was in Elementary school hiding from her parents thinking of, if they find out about it they would make her stop from all this because her parents wanted Assefa to pay attention to her school and be successful.

Born: October 1987 in Addis Ababa

Nick name: Medi

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