The White Ethiopian (ነጭ ኢትዮጵያዊ) (Feb. 5, 2016)

120min |

Based on the short story by Ferdinand von Schirach (SHADES OF GUILT). The law wants him in jail. Common sense wants him in Africa. Frank has found true love in the unlikeliest place, a remote Ethiopian village of coffee planters. Everybody helps out with the back-breaking work, even the delicate Ayantu, who nursed Frank back to health when he was found nearly dead. And now Ayantu, a young widow, has fallen in love with the white man who has decided to stay in the village. Ayantu marries him, and a child is on its way. Frank is accepted by all (save for members of a rival clan), at the latest when he devises a pulley system that transports the heavy sacks of coffee beans. Frank learns Aramaic and uses all of his money to buy a truck for the village. But the money isn't his: Frank is a thief who's wanted by the German police. Caught again, he's taken to Germany, where the junior lawyer Sophie is assigned to his case.

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Age restriction: G (General Audiences)


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