Blood Is Not Fresh Water (ደም ንጹህ ውሃ አይደለም) (Jan. 1, 1997)

57min | Documentary

Blood Is Not Fresh Water is the documentary of a passionate journey in Ethiopia, the director’s land of origin. Through a portrait of the filmmaker’s grandfather, Ato Tekle-sadik Mekuria, Ethiopia’s most renowned historian, the story attempts to bypass Eurocentric concepts of Ethiopia by exploring ideas of Ethiopia’s origin and the nature of identity. The story goes continually backwards in time, from the present to Ethiopia’s colonial past, from its origin myth to the paleo-anthropological discovery of Lucy, the first human being. It does all this with a light hearted and humorous approach that is both sympathetic and compassionate and sees the more serious problems of present day Ethiopia within its unexpectedly rich cultural context.

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Age restriction: G (General Audiences)


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