Yinegal (ይነጋል) (Jan. 11, 2015)

91min |

"Yinegal" (It will Dawn) is a story of Tadeous (Fikru Assefa) a young Ethiopian who had a painful childhood. However, with God’s help Tadeous moves to the US and starts a new life and becomes very successful. The story takes a turn when Tadeous crosses paths with a little girl, Meron (Abigya Minilik) who has been abandoned by her parents. She reminds him so much of his own childhood and consequently is filled with compassion. Wasting no time, Tadeous jumps into action and is determined to help the girl even though it means making big sacrifices. Source: www.yinegalmovie.com

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Actor(s) & Actress(s): Fikru Assefa

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Age restriction: G (General Audiences)

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