Artist Mulualem  Tadesse Picture
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MulualemTadesse is a highly respected and experienced stage, film and television actor, whose first career was on the stage, followed by many film and television roles. Mulualem was raised by her maternal aunt, who headed the Harrar Catholic Mission at the time. In the communal life at the monastery, she grew up believing that the nuns were her family. It was a place where she learned to love and live with others. Her happy and secure world came crumbling down when she left the monastery after finishing fifth grade. She learned that she had nowhere to go and that none of her close relatives, including her mother, were willing to take her in. She spent the following three years with some distant relatives. They moved to Addis Ababa for a year. There, Mulualem studied at J F Kennedy School for 7th grade where she excelled not only academically but also in many extra-curricular activities.
Source: Sew Lesew Website

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