Artist Eyerusalem Terefe Picture
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Artist Eyerusalem Terefe (Jerry) start acting when she was a little girl age of 13. she was acting on Hagerfikir theater "Yelib Esat" for 3 years then she focused on her college study far from art for 2 and half years after she graduate she continued acting. her second theater was at city hole "and kal" she was the main actress, she showed her talent on that theater. her 3rd theater was "Yechagula shirishir" with Girum Zenebe, Mulualem Tadesse and Feferi Alemu. she had a great time and was lucky acting with this well known actor and actress. her first movie was "Yefikir Neger" she chosen by Journalist Mahider Bekele from her stage performance. when she start having her own family acting become a bit difficult to manage the timeing but still she try to be active as much as she could. her next movie was a little part on "And Edil" then TV drama the famouse "sew lesew" then other movie "Eroe" after that her own movie which written, directed, acting and produce by her called "Yenenat".

Born: May 1985 in Addis Ababa

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