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Actor | Director | Writer

Fistum Asfaw is the creator of the show “Yemaleda Kokeboch”, a show we are talking about. Initially he is a journalist with a creative mind in side. He served Radio Fana for few years but able to root famous radio shows which can able to went through for many years. He was working for International organizations as a communication specialist, for UNICEF, PSI Ethiopia and John Hopkins University center for communication. He has BA degree in Literature and MA degree in Folklore. He is just in his early 30s but has wide contribution in Art, journalism and communication fields. The gifted artist turned in to what he wanted to do in life after served as a journalist and communication expert. His first film called “Balekelem Hilmoch” was famous & opens for him the door to the world of cinema. He wrote & directed Amharic movies; Balekem Hilmoch Part I & II,Selayochu and recently Bechis Tedebke, which become talk of the city. contributor: E.A.

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