Selam New (ሰላም ነው?) (May 13, 2016)

85min | Comedy | Romance

ባለፈችበት ሁሉ ሳተርቅ የማታልፍ ሴት ለስራው ታማኝ እና ሌብነትን አብዝቱ ከሚጣላ ፖሊስ ጋራ ተዋውቃ የሚያጋጥማትን ያሳያል Theft of tangible materials is judgeable, where is the spot to get judgement on the theft of spiritual (intangible) phenomena i.e. ones' belief, hope, age,.....? SELAM NEW? Is the film which shows these conditions. Directed by Kidist Yilma, casting Tseganesh Hailu, Ermias Taddese, Asmic Bekele,Tewodros Wedaje,Fitsum Chane and others

Directed by: Kidist Yilma

Actor(s) & Actress(s): Tseganesh Hailu, Ermias Tadesse

Produced by: Tseganesh Hailu

Written by:

Age restriction: G (General Audiences)

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