Artist Yonas Luche Picture
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CEO at Luche Multimedia and Overall Productions Manager Yonas is the Manager and Film Director. Yonas goes by the name Yonas luche but passport name is Yonas Bogale. After working on variety documentaries for local and international organizations based here in Addis Ababa, Yonas luche founded Luche Multimedia as a fresh and innovative company that seeks to elevate standards of media and graphic productions in addition to event facilitation. Through previous professional engagements, Ato Yonas has built strong networks with local and international clients thus maximizing skills acquisition and credibility for Luche Multimedia. Ato Yonas strives for Luche Multimedia to become a leading media and events company that meets the demands of customers by offering affordable yet quality services. Yonas Luche directed more than 40 documentary film, three feature films and different video clips.

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