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Born in Gondar, Abby Lakew, is a rising singer/actress who caught the attention of many Ethiopians through a single concert that took place three years ago. She left Ethiopia for the U.S at the age of 13.She returned as a stranger to Ethiopian music lovers in 2008. But she quickly acquired followers in Ethiopia with the release of her single “Man Ale.” The single was well received and was in heavy rotation at radio and TV stations. After witnessing her first concert, producer Getachew Debalke , approached her and offered her 150,000 birr,(the highest ever for an actor here in Ethiopia), to play the leading role in “Wodemetahubet.” She accepted the role after reading the script. “I always wanted to make a film and I liked this specific script…I don’t think the payment is that much but I am lucky to be the first to be payed this much. I hope in the future actors here will be payed more than this,” states Abby. source: ethiopianreporter

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