Hager Fikir Theatre

Cinema name - Hager Fikir Theatre (Jan. 1, 1935)

Established in: Jan. 1, 1935

Opening hours: 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.

City: Addis Ababa

ሐገር ፍቅር ቴአትር Theatre with the greatest tradition in Ethiopia and the oldest indigenous theatre in Africa. It stands for more than 70 years of cultural life in Addis Ababa. It is a playhouse where modern Ethiopian music and drama were born and nurtured. Many stars like Aster Aweke, Tilahun Gessesse and Frew Hailu began their careers on the stage of Hager Fikir Theatre. The founder, Makonnen Habte-Wold, wanted to encourage the patriotic mettle of the Ethiopian people. The first open-air productions took place at Menelik Square, the city centre of Addis Ababa. Although the Italian occupation could not be prevented, Hager Fikir Theatre survived. However there were few uncritical and fascist-friendly plays brought on stage during the period of occupation. After the withdrawal of the Italian troops in 1941 the theatre-crew moved from Menelik Square to the place where it is located nowadays in the Piazza district.

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