Meleket (መለከት) (Jan. 1, 2015)

35min | TV-Series

Meleket is an Amharic series dram by Rehobot Promotion broadcast on EBC every Sunday afternoon. It is from the producer of the well known Gemena drama, Adonis. It features the most amazing Ethiopian actors/actresses including Fikadu Teklemariam, Alemayehu Tadesse, Lule Ashagari, Shimelis Abera, Aster Alemayehu, Almaz Haile, Pandera Adinew, Darmyelesh Tesfaye, Tesfaye Abebe, Desalegn Hailu, and so on.

Directed by:

Actor(s) & Actress(s): Desalegn Hailu, Alemayehu Tadesse, Aziza Ahmed, Feleke Yemarwuha Abebe, Shewit Kebede, Shimeles Abera, Fekadu Teklemariam

Produced by:

Written by:

Age restriction: G (General Audiences)

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