Triangle 2 (ሶስት-ማዕዘን-፪) (Sept. 1, 2016)

92min | Drama | Suspense

Sost Maezen AKA "Triangle" stars the aforementioned Solomon Bogale, as well as the newly popular television and film star Mahider Assefa, Muluken Teshome (Theodros's brother), and Selam Tesfaye. Also appearing in the film, in supporting roles are Samson Tadesse Baby, Abebe Balcha. Sost Maezen /Triangle going to America/ Has been selected as the centerpiece of the PAN AFRICAN FILM FESTIVAL PAFF 2015 in Loss Angeles and was awarded the festival founders award for best narrative feature. Triangle going to America was also selected to be the opening film of the NEW AFRICA FILM FESTVAL in Silver Spring Mary Land. of June 2015 Sost maezen/Triangle going to America/ is the only film from Ethiopia to be nominated in 8 categories for the AMAA / African movie Academy awards/ for best film, best director, best cinematography, best sound track, best editing, best visual effects, best supporting actor and best African Language film and to win the best supporting actor best sound track. Source wiki

Directed by: Theodros Teshome

Actor(s) & Actress(s): Solomon Bogale, Abebe Balcha, Selam Tesfaye, Mahder Assefa

Produced by:

Written by: Theodros Teshome

Age restriction: R18 (Restricted)

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