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Abebe is among Ethiopia’s most talented and most famous actors who played as the major character in some of the most loved and enjoyed theater, television and screen performances in Ethiopia. He played as Gebreye in the Theatre – Thewodros – which was a depiction of the wonderful life of the nineteenth century Ethiopian emperor - Thewodros. He is also well known in Ethiopia for his performance in the William Shakespeare’s play – Othello – as Othello, which he performed 380 times on stage in Addis Ababa over a period of three years in the late 1980s. He is a lawyer in his profession.
He is currently acting on the famous TV series ever made in Ethiopia "Sew Le Sew”. He has been playing well the famous character Asnake, who is very cruel, corrupted and a person that can make ever thing possible by the help of his money and connection.
source: Sewlesewtv

Nick name: Asnake

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