Askerenu (The Corpse) (አስከሬኑ) (Jan. 1, 2013)

91min | Tragedy

Wondwossen, a gynecologist who dreams of opening a private clinic, wants Roza – a patient he’s having an affair with – to kill her husband Samson so that they can build a new life, and his clinic, with her inheritance money. Roza agrees, thinking that Samson is also cheating on her. Meanwhile, Detective Alemayehu’s team investigates the case of a man found dead in a hotel room. Hirut, the man’s widow, is also having an affair with Wondwossen and plans to give him her inheritance money. When the case of Roza’s dead husband comes to Detective Alemayehu, he suspects a connection with the first case. Because Roza didn’t use all the poison that Wondwossen gave her, Samson wakes up in his coffin before burial and secretly leaves the city. The detectives gather information that increasingly points to Hirut and Roza as the killers and to Wondwossen as the link between them. As Roza and Wondwossen celebrate their freedom and wealth, Samson plans his vengeful return. Synopsis by Rebecca Fisseha

Directed by: Tamiru Berhanu

Actor(s) & Actress(s): Abebe Balcha, Fitsum Tsegaye, Yohannes Tefera, Tamiru Berhanu, Admasu Kebede

Produced by: Tamiru Berhanu

Written by: Tamiru Berhanu

Age restriction: G (General Audiences)


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