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Haile Gerima: A real African voice in Films & Life (part 2) (ሀይሌ ገሪማ እውነተኛ የአፍሪካ ድምጽ ፊልሞች እና ህይወት ውስጥ - ክፍል ፪)

Part Two
3. Haile's Contribution for Ethiopia Specifically
Being a typical patriot, Haile has done tremendous tasks for his country, Ethiopia. He has never been reluctant to feel deeply responsible for Ethiopia and the documentation as well as preservation of its history. In all what he does, he has placed a duty in his shoulder willingly as an enlightened man to help his nation. He has produced films that depict Ethiopian important difficulties during ...

Haile Gerima: A real African voice in Films & Life (part 1) (ሀይሌ ገሪማ እውነተኛ የአፍሪካ ድምጽ ፊልሞች እና ህይወት ውስጥ - ክፍል ፩)

Part One
Haile Gerima was an Ethio-American independent filmmaker. He is an ardent advocator of the equality and respect for the general interests of the black people in every aspect of life in general and in the film industry in particular. In this short essay I set out to show the works of Haile that makes him an African asset, voice, filmmaker and hero. As well I shall try to point out his contributions for the continent and the lessons he teaches for the rest of African f...

Top 10 great Ethiopian movies to watch (መታየት ያለባቸው ፲ ምርጥ ኢትዮጵያዊ ፊልሞች)

Out of 500 Ethiopian movies listed on EtMDB, our contributor has selected the Top 10 great Ethiopian movies to watch. The list in not in order and let us know if you have suggestions.

Filmmakers panel discussion (ለፊልም ሰሪዎች)

የጥበብ እርሻ : ለፊልም ሰሪዎች: እድሜዎ ከ18-35 ነዎት? ስለ ፊልም ስራ የማወቅ ፍላጎት አልዎት? እንግዲያውስ ኑ እና የክርኤቲቭ ፊውቸርስን የመጀመሪያውን የጥበብ እርሻ በፊልም ዙሪያ ላይ የሚያጠነጥነው ፕሮግራማችን ላይ ይሳትፉ።

  • ቅድስት ይልማ : የፊልም ዳይሬክተር እና ፕሮዱሰር
  • ሮቤል ግርማ ፡ የሚራክል የፊልም ት/ቤት ዳይሬክተር
  • ሔርሞን ሐይላይ ፡ የፊልም ዳይሬክተር እና ፕሮዱሰር
  • ጆርጋ መስፍን ፡ የፊልም ድምፅ እና ዜማ አቀናባሪ
  • አዳነች አድማሱ ፡ የፊልም ዳይሬክተር