Zeritu Kebede (ዘሪቱ ከበደ)

Actress | Producer | Soundtrack | Writer

ዘሪቱ ከበደ, also known as just Zeritu, is an Ethiopian Singer, song writer, social activist, actress, film producer and screen writer. In December 2012, Zeritu picked on her career in acting and film production when she began the production of the film ‘Kemis Yelebesku’let,’ later released in January 12, 2014. Zeritu ... read more

Tezera Lemma (ተዘራ ለማ)


ወደ ትወናው የገባው ዘግይቱ ነው ማለት ይቻላል ለበርካታ ዓመት በሹፍርና ይሰራ ነበር ቢሆንም ግን የትወና እና የጥበብ ፍቅር ከእሱ አልተለየውም ነበር ቁመናውም ለፊልምአመቺ እነደሆነ ያየ ሁሉ ምስክር ነው። የመጀመርያውን ሰራ በኦድሽን አልፎ አንድ ብሉ መሰራት ጀመረ ከዛ በኃላ ለቁጥር የሚከብዱ ፊልሞችን ሰርቱል።

Mulualem Tadesse (ሙሉአለም ታደሰ)


MulualemTadesse is a highly respected and experienced stage, film and television actor, whose first career was on the stage, followed by many film and television roles. Mulualem was raised by her maternal aunt, who headed the Harrar Catholic Mission at the time. In the communal life at the monastery, she grew up... read more